Your Soul Potential Programme

"In recent years, people – especially in western cultures – are waking up to the transpersonal within themselves, through the emerging need to find meaning and purpose in all aspects of their lives, and to work in the service of something beyond just making a profit"  Sir John Whitmore


Increasingly in our western society, people are feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with their personal and professional lives together with an urge to contribute to something greater than themselves.  My clients are often “successful”, professional, mature, have a depth of work/life experience and are experiencing some sort of inner or outer transition. Clients often


StuckUnfulfilledDirectionless & in a rutBurdenedUnable to move forwardDisillusioned & exhaustedFrustrated & blockedStressed & overwhelmedIncomplete & confused


There's more to life/me than thisAm I on the right track?I should feel happy, why don’t I ?Something’s missing in my lifeI feel I’ve lost myself somewhereI’m afraid that life is passing me byI have a sense that I have more to offer but I don’t know what it isWhat is my purpose?


A sense of life directionTo feel satisfied and fulfilledTo make a contributionTo achieve somethingTo expand my horizonsTo become all that I can beTo be my true selfTo feel fully aliveTo self actualise

Your Soul Potential Programme is designed to support you in consciously creating your preferred future by:


Exploring: values, beliefs, thoughts, behaviours, environment, ideas of what is possible/achievable, limits, blocks, obstacles

Clearing & Releasing: blocked energy centres and pathways, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs and habitual thought patterns

Discovering: inner resources, buried treasure, passions, gift and talents

Focusing: on the present moment & designing your preferred future

Revealing: the essential or authentic Self (Soul)

Aligning: your personality self with your Soul potential

Structuring: conscious actions and ways of being and bringing this into your daily life in a practical way

Coaching: through an inner journey of self discovery incorporating a combination of ...........

Transpersonal Coaching, Astrology and Energetic Healing


Your Soul Potential is an individually tailored programme, typically structured as 6 sessions either weekly or fortnightly as follows:

initial coaching session (90 mins)
birth chart interpretation & key transits (80 mins)
coaching (60 mins)
energetic healing (60 mins)
coaching / energetic healing / experiential astrology (60 mins)
final coaching session (60 mins) 

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Your Soul Potential Programme supports you to:






A sense of meaning & purposeGreater life satisfactionMore alignment with your full potentialLife balancePermission to be who you areSelf awarenessPersonal fulfilmentConnection to a passion or callingExpression of your essence or authentic Self (Soul)

As a corporate executive, yoga teacher and artist, I have had the pleasure of experiencing Janette’s skillful and effective support in multiple dimensions: as a coach, an energetic healer and as an astrologer.

Few people are able to so adeptly combine professional, transpersonal and metaphysical modalities, using the most effective tool or resource given the particular person and situation.  Janette brings astute observation, insightful questioning, deep intelligence, intuition and years of training in multiple disciplines to bring clarity and support to her clients.  Never intrusive, always insightful and entirely trustworthy.

I am very grateful to have been the beneficiary of Janette’s remarkable skills and commitment to wellbeing and human development.  I can highly recommend Janette for anyone who is looking for insight and practical benefit in developing and supporting an integrated life.

Sarah, Sydney